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17 MAY 2023

Result is a community interest, not-for-profit organisation led by Jane Cordell and Hormoz Ahmadzadeh. They offer coaching, training and social consultancy to companies and individuals around issues such as disability, immigration, mental health challenges, neurodiversity, racism and sexuality.

They felt their original branding did not fully represent their personality and felt it was too corporate and serious, so they required a full redesign of their visual identity and website. See their old logo below. 

ResultArtboard 1.jpg

The new brand needed to speak to a range of audiences, from business owners and members of the government to the people affected by discrimination in the workplace. 

ResultArtboard 2.jpg

The intention of the logo was to appear really clear and legible due to the accessibility demands of their audience. We chose a sans serif font with rounded letterforms, curved edges and slanted accents so as to appear friendly and welcoming, as opposed to the rigid and intimidating font they had on their original logo.


We chose a colour palette that represented their values as a brand as well as the atmosphere they aim to create around their coaching and training courses. We wanted to include a large palette of bold colours to help colour code elements of the website and the audience. 

ResultArtboard 3.jpg

The logo mark was inspired by their intentions as a brand, to help people reach their full potential through their training and coaching methods. For this reason we chose a colourful, curvaceous arrow pointing forwards and upwards giving the sense of progression and evolution. 


As well as making the brand clean, welcoming and legible we wanted to add a sense of fun and celebration. To achieve this we created a brand pattern, this is a seamless pattern that can be repeated up to any size. The diversity of the shapes, sizes and colours represent the beauty of all different people coming together and how important each one is to the overall beauty of the image.

ResultHome Old.jpg

All these elements come together and flourish in the redesign of the website. See above their old website to see the progress that was required.

ResultArtboard 7 copy 3.jpg

It was a pleasure working with Rob, Hormoz & Jane throughout this process and they really feel the new brand fully represents them. This is what they had to say about the project:

‘Of all the freelance designers and agencies we contacted with our re-brand brief, only Benjac Design responded with something that truly resonated with all of us.


Ben had carefully considered our needs, our values and our desire to better serve those we support through our work. What Ben has come back with is feels entirely right - he got it.


In terms or working relationship, Ben’s collaborative approach and easy manner meant that, even when things were in need of discussion, debate and sometimes change, these were stress-free exchanges that were always about getting to the best solution. There’s also clarity working with Ben - you know where you are in the process.


We’re genuinely excited about the prospect of launching our new brand soon and that’s partly because Ben has been so fantastic to work with. I’d recommend him without reserve.’

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