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Agbeko - Another Way


To create a visual identity and vinyl sleeve for Agbeko's latest album. An afrobeat-inspired rock-funk-psych juggernaut from Manchester, UK.


Jamie wanted to completely refresh their identity ahead of their upcoming album release. We created a suite of visuals that tapped into their Afro-beat inspirations and celebrated their Mancunian identity. Emitting a feeling of fun, excitement, energy and togetherness whilst also highlighting the political nature of their music.


Visual Identity, Vinyl Sleeve, Album Artwork, Custom Typography.

We designed several icons, each one inspired by different elements of Mancunian / African culture and their brand values. These were lino printed to give a more authentic feel to tap into the very human aspect of their approach to music.

To accompany the new brand we were also tasked to create the album artwork and vinyl sleeve designs. The concept was inspired by the political nature of the music, lino printing the brand pattern onto a prisoner's hood. Which was worn by a model holding up a protest sign with the title of the album. We used the brand colours to add more fun and excitement to the design, in a pop art inspired style. 

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