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Result - Confidently Different


To revitalise the visual identity of Result, a community interest, not-for-profit organisation who offer coaching and training to various minority groups. 


Rob, Hormoz & Jane were on a mission to completely overhaul their existing brand to something that was a better representation of their personality as a brand. We worked together to uncover their values, who they are and how best to convey this with a unique visual identity. Creating a bright, friendly, warm, celebratory and approachable suite of visuals.


Visual Identity, Art Direction, Website Design, Documents, Email Templates.

A logo mark that symbolises the upward trajectory their training aims to provide. A seamless brand pattern of different coloured shapes that gives a subtle nod to the diverse audience they work with. And a broad colour palette inspired by their values that also allows them to define segments of their business to different audiences.

A big challenge we faced was making sure the brand was accessible to their audience, which includes people with various difficulties. To achieve this we had to make sure the identity was very clean, minimal and easily legible. We chose a sans serif font with rounded letterforms, curved edges and slanted accents so as to appear friendly and welcoming, as opposed to the rigid and intimidating font they had on their original logo.

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