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Salthouse Stonemasonry - Heritage Brand


To re envisage a visual identity for a Stonemasonry company that aims to grow the business by focusing on heritage stonework on historical, listed buildings.


With Sam and his team, we worked to create a brand that fully represented him, his core values as a business and the direction he wished to take it. Creating something that is timeless and classy, that oozes with tradition and heritage but also feels modern and clean. The curves and soft palette help to bring a sense of approachability and trust. Whilst the fonts and logo mark add a sense of history and confidence.


Visual Identity, Art Direction, Website, Photography, Videography, Uniform.  

To achieve the feeling of tradition and heritage we conducted research into the history of the family name "Salthouse", during the research we discovered the family coat of arms and picked out the Eagle which serves as a strong symbol to represent his brand.

The font we chose is "Goudy", one of the first fonts used in English print, further tapping into this sense of history. We took a muted palette from the types of stones that Sam and his team work with, making sure we allow the brand to exist confidently and discreetly, leaving space for their work to do the talking. 

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